X3 Foundation Scholarship

X3 Foundation Scholarships

Through two scholarship opportunities, X3 Foundation strives to help Atlanta’s under-served youth in making successful transitions to adulthood.

The first, a membership to X3 sports supports youth development principles, practices, and programs that help the scholarship recipients build interpersonal skills by:

  • Making lasting and positive contributions to their community
  • Forming healthy relationships with peers and adults
  • Promoting habits of lifelong learning
  • Participating actively in the programs in which they are involved.

The X3 Foundation, by partnering with individuals, businesses, civic groups, area schools, local child and family social service agencies, and other nonprofit organizations, is able to offer other activities outside of X3.

We ask all prospective recipients to complete and submit a scholarship application. A committee of the X3 Foundation Board of Directors and Executive Director review each application and selects applicants for personal interviews. During the interview, the committee dialogues with the applicant to discover interests and level of need to ensure X3 Foundation funds are appropriate for the applicant and to match the applicant with an activity and service provider. The X3 Foundation works to ensure opportunities match the youth’s interests, maturity levels, and experience.

Each scholarship funds the selected activity for three-month intervals and are renewable. Throughout the life of the scholarship, recipients are responsible for attending all scheduled activities and for regular check-ins with assigned X3 Foundation staff. The X3 Foundation reaches out to all program alumni to offer ongoing support and to track program outcomes.

If you or someone you know would like to be considered for a scholarship download, complete, and submit the scholarship application along with required attachments.

Completed scholarship applications and required attachments can be submitted in the following ways:

By mail:
X3 Foundation
1870 The Exchange
Suite 240
Atlanta, GA 30339

By fax:

By email:
[email protected]